Stephanie as a little girl
Stephanie as a girl

I’m a little afraid of being photographed, can you tell?

Thanks to crossword-loving parents and growing up in a house where word usage was often debated, I’ve been playing with words since childhood. As a teenager, I wrote a weekly column for The Monitor, a community newspaper in Montreal’s NDG neighbourhood. During CEGEP and university in Montreal and Ottawa, my work regularly appeared in campus and community newspapers.

I have a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of King’s College in Halifax. For more than 20 years, I wrote for daily newspapers, magazines and alternative and community weeklies, including the Montreal Gazette, Urban Expressions, OpenFile Montreal, This Magazine, Montreal Mirror, Hour magazine, McGill Reporter, Westmount Independent and the Free Press. Most recently, I was a Special Contributor for the Vaudreuil-Soulanges community newspaper, The Journal (formerly Your Local Journal).

Formal copy editing training and a sharp eye for typos and inconsistencies make me an excellent proofreader and editor.

Over five years ago I began honing web writing and social media skills, taking workshops and courses to brush up on HTML and CSS, and attending numerous WordCamp conferences and workshops to learn WordPress. In addition to finally applying this knowledge to building websites and copywriting a theme brochure for a WordPress theme developer, last summer and fall I participated in Les Pitonneux’s Lab12 “unbootcamp” peer-to-peer learning cohorts, where I greatly improved my HTML and CSS skills and learned JavaScript while working on a project. Creating a web app in React JS with Firebase for the back end involved learning about NPM and Node.js, Bootstrap, flexbox and the CSS grid, and trying out Redux and re-base for managing the application’s state.