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Block Patterns in GenerateBlocks Free

Updated November 8, 2023 The Pro version of GenerateBlocks includes block patterns but what if you don’t have GenerateBlocks Pro? Here are two ways to create a block pattern with GenerateBlocks. First, what is a block pattern? A definition from WordPress,com Block Patterns are a collection of predefined blocks that you can insert into pages …

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Debug and Resolve WordPress Bug Issues Fast

Tricks for Debugging Common WordPress Errors For me, the trick to debug and resolve WordPress website issues is to act a bit like a detective. You look for clues as to why a site isn’t working. Some WordPress problems have obvious solutions. For instance, an error message in WordPress may mention a particular plugin, so …

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The Whys of WP Offsite Backups

You should never lose access to your WordPress website or blog or have your site suddenly go offline. But if this happens, an offsite backup can save the day. How site owners lose access to their WordPress websites What You Can Do You should regularly back up your data somewhere else. Options, including Dropbox, Google …

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WordPress’s Many Flavours

What do you mean by a WordPress site? Far from being known only as a Content Management System for blogging, WordPress now powers over 43 per cent of the world’s websites. Famous brands using WordPress include Sony Music, the New York Post and Vogue. In 2024, American singer-songwriter and pop icon Taylor Swift unveiled a …

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