an old beige-coloured PC with keyboard

Should you keep your outdated WordPress theme?

Is your WordPress site outdated? If you have an old WordPress theme, say from 2009, and its code hasn’t been updated in years, chances are your website is experiencing problems. You may even see errors in your WordPress dashboard and your site probably doesn’t work properly. Why is this happening? The most likely reason is …

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red ribbon showing a larger heart and a smaller heart

Show Your Website Some Valentine’s Day Love

I’ll admit it. I’m guilty of being the cordonnier mal chaussé (the cobbler’s children have no shoes). My own website needs some love. I need to fix CSS issues and sort out links and the entire visitor experience on this site. So don’t be like me. Fix your website! Here are 10 ideas for showing …

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Screenshot of TeamGantt Gantt chart software showing vertical colourful bars on a timeline sheet with lists on the left-hand side

Gantt charts: a good choice for projects?

I’m using a Gantt chart from TeamGantt for a project. From what I understand, Gantt charts used to be (still are?) the bible for project managers. I took the first level of Beth Livingston’s excellent The WP Project Manager’s Academy free course and it helped me understand the basics of WordPress project management. I first …

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the words the big reveal in large white text appear in an open suitcase

The “new” Details Block

Back in the day (a few years ago), I built a website that needed a show/reveal section for information. Below photos of individual instructors there was a Bio link that, when clicked, revealed text showing the biography of that particular instructor. It wasn’t hard to do, but it involved writing some JavaScript and enqueuing the …

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